Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Help fight AIDS and Childhood Cancer

I am currently looking for new ways for people to help others online but some of the methods on the web require me to download something to help and I can't currently do that because my laptop requires fixing. Now I am using someone else's guest account on their computer which keeps me from being able to download. I tried downloading this program on this computer but sadly it would not work so please comment and tell me how it is if you do decide to download it.

The method of helping i was referring to is World Community Grid (link below.) And they basically use your computer's idle power to combine with other computer's idle power to make a super grid and with this they are applying the energy to research to help with things like AIDS and cancer.

So if you think you might want to try this and help for free the link is here >> World Community Grid


  1. nice blog idea, helping others will always earn you karma. keep it up! followed