Saturday, March 26, 2011

GameOn Marathon for Japan

Check out GameOn's channel, Swiftor, on There Swiftor is hosting a 48 hour gaming marathon live where people can join in and play with or against him in a different assortment of games on xbox 360, playstion 3, the wii and even a game or two of zombie dice.

You can go to Swiftor's channel on justin tv here and talk to him and other people in chat and try to get in some games with him. And to donate you can go to GameOn's website here.

The goal is $2000 and at this moment over $1600 has been raised and still growing.

All proceeds donated will go to help Japan.


  1. What a wonderful blog, read all your articles, look forward to more. I be on watching.

  2. Very noble cause, Japan needs all the help it can get right now.

  3. Any Xbox 360 > or < PS3 debates? No? This is a holy ground! :O

  4. This is awesome.